Website up and running again !

Hi Peter

Just found that your website is up and running again!!

You’ve done some great work on it and I see you are now in contact with the Thorringtons.

We went to Cornwall in October, but decided not to call on them. They’d said they didn’t want pictures etc taken for you, though they were happy for us to visit them. We thought maybe we should leave them alone. Now we wished we’d called on them!!

We may be coming to Amsterdam again in April, just us two, so maybe we can meet up again?

Keep up the good work, never had my name in print so much before!!

Irene Adams


2 comments for “Website up and running again !

  1. Philibert de l'Arbre
    14/06/2014 at 2:29 pm

    Hello Mr Smith

    I am the grandson of Jean de l’Arbre de Malander who was Joseph’s twin brother.

    I have very good memories of my great uncle Joseph from when I was young, sailing with my father Loïc along the coast between Isle of Wight and Mouse Hall (ed. Mousehole, nr. Penzance, CON). Uncle Joseph came with us for few days. He was very kind and so funny. His twin brother, Jean, passed away in November 1969.

    I found out through the Zimapanners website. It is thanks to you Irene and your husband Alan that Joseph’s grave is marked today. For this I am very grateful and happy that my great uncle had people who considered him such a good friend.

    This summer I will be visiting the area with my wife and will be sure to visit his grave as well as Zimapan.

    If possible I would love to have more information about his life in England.

    Philibert de l’Arbre

    • 16/06/2014 at 11:48 am

      See email reply in: Categories | E-mail | 16 June 2014

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