Renovation and garden clearance

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your email. How lovely to see “The Zimapanners!” website back up & running! You have been very busy!

This house has not been properly maintained for years & years. The drawing-room shutters have never been dipped & painted! We don’t consider anything much has been done at all. Did you realise that the front part of the house built in 1810 and was added on to an old cottage*, and so the back of the house is far older? The only extension is the awful old kitchen on the side of the house (road side). We intend to knock it down as it’s horrible. It took months to get planning permission to do this!

Stuart has put in a lovely Victorian cast-iron gate to the front entrance. It came from an estate up North. He has also been trying to clear some of the garden too. What a job! It’s a jungle: brambles, stinging nettles & also the dreaded knotweed. Rubbish has been dumped too.

It’s taking a long time to get the house how we want it – back to its original grand state, as Stuart is a perfectionist. It’s also a labour of love to him! I try to do as much as I can, but I’m not up to Stuart’s standards! We have painted some of the outside, but as you can imagine, it will take us ages.

We will try & get some photos sent to you as soon as we can.

Again, well done with your website.

Hope we have more done by the time you visit us!

Jan & Stuart

* Author’s note: original building is thought to have been a 2-up 2-downer

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