Progress update

Dear Peter,

As for the rubbish shown in the photos taken in March 2009, the front stuff had gone by the time we arrived, but the back and side of the house were dreadful.

There were two fridge-freezers, a fridge, a cooker, mattresses (in the house too!) and lots of general junk too. There was also loads of “rubbish” inside the house. We couldn’t get all of our furniture in without clearing spaces first. Did I tell you about the illegal gas supply & the two electricity meters?

We still get mail here that’s addressed to Mr See.

Re: the fortified room (the old kitchen/scullery on your floor plan: it took Stuart half a day to cut away the iron bars and barbed wire around the window!

The more I write, the more I think of!! Your family photo of tea in the garden (Sep 1926), we believe it is at the side of the house, and was taken where we now have a grotty old kitchen- the one we are planning to knock down. We think the large window in photo is the old dining room (on floor plan) & the smaller window an old toilet.

I will let you know when I think of anything else or when further progress is made

Jan & Stuart

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