New photos of Thomas family at Zimapan

Old photographs of Thomas family unearthed in England

Four old photographs of the Thomas family’s visit to Zimapan in September 1928 have come to light in September 2014 while on a visit to England. These photos were recently discovered among a forgotten collection of Thomas family photographs!

The photographs originally belonged to Walter David Thomas, who is featured in some of these newly discovered photographs, and show members of the Thomas family larking around in the grounds of the house playing “air flutes”, and sitting on the front garden gate behind which is an unmade-up road, and another photograph giving a clearer picture of the gazebo at the rear of the front garden, the outline of which can just be seen in the 1928 photo on the home page (Zimapan viewed from Scorrier to St Day road).

I visited Zimapan this September for the very first time! More news and photos on that in a separate Post soon!

Peter K. Smith
Family researcher

See photos (at end of webpage)

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