‘Mountain Memories’ talk

Just received a letter from the Cornwall Centre in Truro.

They have kindly sent me a copy of a newspaper clipping from The Cornish Post And Mining News, regarding Charles Rule Williams, the person who decided to call his home in Scorrier, ‘Zimapan’ in 1902. It concerns a talk called Mountain Memories given by C.R. Williams to a group of people attending the Wesleyan Mutual Improvement class.

I have been trying to find this newspaper reference for nearly two years, but have been unable to reach Cornwall to do some on-the-spot research work myself.

I’d originally found a reference to this lecture in Sharron Schwartz’s Creating the Cult of ‘Cousin Jack': Cornish Miners in Latin America 1812-1848, and the Development of an International Labour Market, 1999. I have also been trying to find a copy of this lecture paper, but so far have drawn a complete blank. The Mexican side of the family do not have a copy of it.

Click this link to read a transcript of the newspaper article dated 26 March 1903.

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