Sleuths receive thanks for finding the Dees burial place

Hello Philibert

Good to hear from Joseph’s great nephew! You addressed your comment to Mrs Adams, but it has come to me via the website’s blog. I will notify her of your thanks which you expressed to her for finding the Dees burial place.

I am the author, deviser and researcher of the The Zimapanners. The website includes a biography of Joseph and his life in England. You are the first person directly related to Joseph’s family, to get in touch with me. Given the information about how Joseph reached England and how he met Daisy May, I will need to make a few changes to Joseph’s biography.

I would love to know more about your recollections of Joseph and Daisy May and wonder whether we could meet. Do you have any photographs of Joseph, his brother and his Belgian family?

I met Irene and Alan Adams in Amsterdam in Amsterdam in July 2012. I mentioned to them that it was such a shame that no-one knew where Joseph or Daisy May were buried. After that meeting, they took it on themselves to find the place where they were buried. (see Amateur sleuths)

If you plan to visit Zimapan, it would be wise to contact the owners well in advance! When are you planning to be in Cornwall?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Peter K. Smith
Family researcher