Hidden window found !

Progress update two years after moving in

Hi Peter

Stuart has been putting in new washbasins & toilets in the 2 en-suites upstairs. (pictures will follow next year when the bedrooms have been finished).

The two downstairs bathrooms are now one large one! Very smart it looks too!

The inner hall by the stairs has now been finished, it makes a cosy area. There was an old blocked-in doorway here which Stuart filled in, but he left a recessed archway in which we now have a statue.

We have a large dining-room at the front of the house, which was finished last year. It looks very grand now. When we moved in they were three downstairs bedrooms. However, we realised that it was originally one very large room. We found a filled-in window into the hall hidden under the wallpaper. We think it was through this window that they paid the miners.

We haveĀ also put up huge, very heavy antique cast-iron gates, which came from up north from an old estate.

I am also enclosing some photos for you.

Jan Thorrington

Photos March 2012
Photo August 2012
Photos November 2012
Photos November 2013

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