Carpet of bluebells at Zimapan

Hi Peter

How exciting for you to be coming back to Cornwall. You are welcome to visit us here at Zimapan House! The late afternoon, evening would be best for us.

The house is still far from finished. Stuart has done wonders to it though. Hope you won’t be disappointed! We thought YOU had taken the photos of the house in it’s “poorly” state! We didn’t realise someone else had taken them!

The bedrooms are finished, but I don’t want to take any pics yet until the beds are all made up and look good.

We have finally knocked down the “grotty” old kitchen at the side of the house near the road. We think this is where your family are having tea in the photo you sent us [ed. 1928 photo on home page] .

We had a car go into our wall surrounding the house. It didn’t fall down, but was damaged. Of course the driver didn’t own up to it!! We have now got to have it repaired. I’m sure the car must have been damaged too! Bits of the car were left behind, which had fallen off in the crash. People cannot believe that we didn’t hear the crash, but when you are indoors here you don’t hear much, due to the solid walls!

This house is in such a lovely position, the woods behind the house are full of bluebells. It’s beautiful—like a lovely blue carpet. You will see the lovely views for yourself when you are here.

Will send photos when I have some.

Take care
Jan & Stuart
Scorrier, Cornwall

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