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Welcome to the Zimapanners blog !

The website to which this blog is linked, is dedicated to tracing the complete history of a former C19 Cornish mine office, its owners, occupants and all those who had a legal interest in it: Zimapan.

If you know anything about this house, its history, the people who owned or lived in it, or just have an interesting anecdote or photograph, please contact me and share your stories and images with thousands of website visitors from around the world.

Click here to read copies of the first English & Dutch newsletters published on 20 May 2010. These contain recent comments made by me. In future, newsletters will be published in blog form.

How to find relevant correspondence
A selection of blog replies and e-mails has been converted into ‘posts’ and then added to the month/year ‘Archives‘ (lower right-hand block). A quick way to find all the e-mail correspondence relating to Zimapan is to click ‘The Zimapanners’ in Categories.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Peter K. Smith BSc
Family researcher & biographer
e-mail: zimapanners@gmail.com
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